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AFL-CIO - American Federation of Labor & Congress of Industrial Organizations Why Unions?, Washington DC, 1976.

AFL-CIO - American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations, Collective Bargaining: Democracy on the Job, USA.

AFL-CIO, Constitution of the American Federation of Labor and Congress  of Industrial Organizations as amended by the 11th Constitutional Convention of the AFL-CIO, USA, October 2-7, 1975.

AFL-CIO, This is the AFL-CIO (American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations) USA.

Agricultural Food Processing General Report (the 5th Conference of),Industries Trade Unions, Peasants and Cooperative Organizations in Mediterranean Countries,  Cairo 16-18/1974, pp.80.

All Union Central Council of Trade Unions, USSR State Institutions Workers’ Union, Moscow 1977, pp.63.

American Economic Association (Meeting of The), Transfer of Technology from Egypt, paper presented at the Annual New-York, december 1982.

British Institute of Management (BIM), Training of Trade Unions Officials, Conference Series 8th , July 1949.

Canada Department of Labour, Labour Organization in Canada, Economic & Research Branch, 1973.

Constitution of the Canadian  Labour Congress, Canada, revised May 1976.

Constitution of the Glass Bottle Blowers Association of the United States and Canada, Florida 1981.

Constitution of The Trade Unions of China, Beijing 1980.

Democratic Management of Chinese Enterprises, China.

Department of Health for Scotland, Working-Class Housing on the Continent, Published by his Majesty’s Stationery Office, Edinburgh 1935.

Educational News No.5, Glossary of Trade Union terms, International Confederation of free Trade Unions.

Facts and Figures on Material Security in the German Democratic Republic (GDR); Answer to UN Secretary General, Berlin 1988.

First-hand Information Department, Women in the German Democratic Republic (GDR), Equal Rights in Practice, Berlin 1986, pp.50(Lab).

First-hand Information Department, Youth People in the German Democratic Republic (GDR), Berlin 1987, pp.64.

GDR Foreign Affairs Bulletin, Vol. 27, No.5, Berlin 12/2/1987***

German Trade Union Federation, DGB - Report Aktuell: Co-determination in the Federal Republic of Germany, Federal Republic of Germany.

GODSON Roy, American Labor’s Continuing Involvement in World Affairs, from “Orbis”, © 1975 by the Foreign Policy Research Institute.

GOLDBERG Arthur J., Survey of the Labor Movement in the United States, © 1962 by the Institute of General Education (paper).

GREEN Archie, Discography of American Coal Miners Songs (A), Institute of Labor & Industrial Relations, University of Illinois Bulletin, Reprint Series No.93 (reprinted from Labor History, Vol. 2, No.1, winter 1961) (cf.reviews).

ILO, Basic Books on Industry and Labour, International Labour Office, Geneva.

ILO, Biography of Alber Thomas, Geneva.

Institute of Social Studies, 32nd Academic Year, September 1983 to July 1984, The Hague, Netherlands.

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Bylaws of Local Union No.716, Houston, Texas, USA, March the 1st, 1983.

International Confederation of Arab Trade Unions (ICATU), Highlights on the International Confederation of Arab Trade Unions on the Occasion of the 25th Anniversary of its Establishment, 1956-1981,

International Federation of Commercial, Clerical, Professional and Technical Employees (FIET), Statutes and Congress Standing Orders , 1980.

Japan/ARSDEP (Report of the), Study Tour and Workshop on In-Plant Training, Tokyo, Hiroshima & Nagoya, Japan 14-24 October 1980.

KASTNER Rexford P., Seniority Rights for Supervisors?, New-York State School of Industrial & Labor Relations, Research Bulletin No.7, September 1950.

Labor Management Relations Act of 1947. A chapter from : “American Labor Unions: What They Are and How They Work”, Harper & Row, 1963.

LEAN Garth, Tolpuddle Martyrs (The), Pioneers of British Trade Unionism, 150th Anniversary, published by Luton Industrial College & The Industrial Pioneer, 1984.

MAERTENS Eric, Cinterfor: An Instrument of Technical Cooperation Among Developing Countries, Studies and Monographs, No,51, © ILO (CINTERFOR), Montevideo 1980.

MICHANEK Ernst, Prévoyance Sociale en Suède, L’Institut Suédois, 1/1960.

PARRAN Thomas, New Community (The), talk delivered at the Pennsylvania State University, March 1955.

Philadelphia Federation of Teachers’ Constitution (PFT), USA.

Report of the Study Team to Yugoslavia, 1959, Rajghat, Kashi, India 1961, pp.88.

Role of Soviet Trade Unions in Production, Trade Union Publishing House, Moscow 1961.

Socialist Democracy in Yugoslavia, published by Review, the Yugoslav monthly magazine, Beograd, 1962.

Soviet Consumer Cooperatives, Novosti Press Agency Publishing House, Moscow 1970, pp.40.

Soviet Union Abolishes Taxes (The), Moscow 1960.

State Institutions Workers’ Union, Moscow 1977.

Trade Union Law of The People’s Republic of China (The), with the Constitution of the Trade Union of The People’s Republic of China, Peking 1955.

UNESCO and Rural Newspapers in Africa, To Reach the Village, 1974.

Union Shop Contract between Owens-Illinois Inc. and The Glass Bottle Blowers Association, Florida 1980.

United Nations, Economic and Social Council (The), Reference pamphlet No. 2, NY 1949.

United States Department of Labor, Child Labor, Facts and Figure, Children’s Bureau, Washington 1933, pp.85.

United States Department of Labor, Important Events in American Labor History, 1778-1975.

United States Department of Labor, Important Events in American Labor History, Compiled by the Division of Wages and Industrial Relations Bureau of Labor Statistics, USA 1960, pp.50.

United States Department of Labor, Labor Firsts in America, 1977.

United States Department of Labor, Woman Wage Earner (The), Her Situation, Women’s Bureau, Washington 1939, pp.56.

Université du Maine, Bureau de l’Education au Travail, Guide sur les Lois du Travail, pp.73 (bulletin).

University of Maine, Bureau of Labor Education, Worker’s Guide to Labor (A), USA, 3rd edition, Winter 1980.

University of Maine, Collective Bargaining and Contract Maintenance in Maine State Government, Bureau of Labor Education, Spring of 1978, pp.62.

University of Maine, Recognition: A Source Book on Labor for Teachers and Students, USA, 1978.

World Confederation of Labour, 1920-1970.

Yugoslav Experiences (1st ), Socio-Economic Scope of Yugoslav Trade Union Action, Beograd 1964.

Yugoslav Experiences (2nd), Why the Trade Unions Have been Re-Organized?, Beograd 1964.

Yugoslav Experiences (3rd ), Why there are both Workers Council and Trade Unions, Beograd 1964.

Yugoslav Experiences (4th ), How Do the Working Collectives Distribute Created Values, Beograd 1964.

Yugoslav Experiences (5th ), Social Insurance  and How it Functions, Beograd 1964.

Yugoslav Experiences (6th), Basic Aims Principles of Workers’ Training, Beograd 1964.


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